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About the Lancashire Veterans Association

The Lancashire Veterans Association (LVA) is a non-profit organisation that is run solely by volunteers. It was created to meet the needs of local service personnel (both past and present) and their families.
It does not charge a membership subscription, is not affiliated to any other organisation, and is open to all.

The LVA also arranges fund raising concerts, parades and attendences at funerals amongst other activities.

All activities are designed to show both serving and former personnel that they have not been forgotten, and to demonstrate the local public pride and appreciation for them.

Key Features of the LVA:

  • Providing comfort/welfare parcels to serving troops.
  • Supplying clothes to wounded personnel in hodpital.
  • Providing advice for bereaved families in times of need.
  • Help in obtaining replacement medals, military family history and adding names to the new Heywood Memorial Wall.
  • Directing people to suitable agencies to meet their various requests/enquiries.

The association is based at the Heywood Pub in Heywood and was founded in 2008. The reason for this was that although there were already several national organisations (e.g. the Royal British Legion, Help for Heroes, etc) there was nothing specifically designed to meet the needs of local people.

As the work of the LVA becomes more widely known, its workload increases and we are always actively seeking more volunteers.
As previously stated, there are no pre-conditions to becoming a member, and anyone, regardless of age, gender or status can join the association.
All we ask is that they possess a genuine desire to support our aims and are willing to assist in some small way.

The LVA has also received positive feedback both from the troops receiving parcels and from Heywood people whom we have been able to assist.

The following are extracts from letters received from soldiers serving on the front lines in Afghanistan who have received parcels from the LVA:

“Living in such basic conditions is made that bit more comfortable by your thoughtful parcels and it really means a lot to everyone here that we are in your thoughts at home.”

“We have been collecting items to give to the local children.... not only have you cheered us up but you’ve helped cheer up some of these poor kids too.”

“Putting the time, effort and money into these packages is very generous. Thank you.”

“I just want to say, keep up the good work, it is keeping a lot of us happy out here because someone does care. Thank you.”

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